Trees for Humanity

Project Type: Identity/Branding Campaign, Visual Design

Trees for Humanity is an environmental volunteer organization starting up in Dallas, Texas with aspirations of global impact. I built the TFH brand using the existing information and ideas present within the Trees for Humanity organization. However, Trees for Humanity was lacking a solid identity and visual style that would aid the organization in expanding and reaching out in a professional and visually appealing manner.

Dallas Underground Fright Festival

Project Type: Identity/Branding Campaign, Visual Design

The Annual Dallas Underground Fright Festival branding and visual campaign consisted of a new logo, two posters, a t-shirt and a collector's key chain that also acts as a ticket - providing the audience member access to any of the theatres on the appropriate days of the festival by showing the keychain to the usher.

Beakerz Typeface

Project Type: Typography, Visual Design

A science fiction style font that was designed and inspired by the shapes of beakers and testing tubes in a modern chemistry lab.

Strange Phenomenon Posters

Project Type: Visual Design

Promotional posters for the Strange Phenomenon reality series premeire hosted at the Sundance Film Festival. The venue sold out in a matter of days.