Trees for Humanity Application

Project Type: Mobile Application (Design Only)

Trees for Humanity is an environmental volunteer organization starting up in Dallas, Texas with aspirations of global impact. I built the TFH brand using the existing information and ideas present within the Trees for Humanity organization. However, Trees for Humanity was lacking a solid identity and visual style that would aid the organization in expanding and reaching out in a professional and visually appealing manner.

The Hungry Rabbit

Project Type: Tablet(iPad) Application (Coded & Functional)

A storybook style game directed to infants and children in which the player goes page to page helping the hungry rabbit complete different tasks in order to find or obtain food for survival.

Magic H8 Ball

Project Type: Mobile Application (Coded & Functional)

I designed this app based on the idea that I wanted to make a demotivational application using the magic 8-ball concept. The player shakes the magic h8 ball to receive a piece of the 8-balls magic wisdom - a comical quip that may just break your spirit in two.

Space Dragons

Project Type: Mobile Application (Coded & Functional)

A Galaga stayle top-down shooter where the player has three lives to travel through space fighting space dragons and collecting points and powers on his way to fight the Crystal Dragon.